an embroidery in process

I am in the process of making this cat embroidery. I want to do a whole series of them with words printed in the cats bodies. I have a list of words like 'feathers' 'fishbones' kittens' 'mouse' etc... so I am working out how to embellish the cat so the words still stand out.

by the way go to Hannahs blog to partake in winning some of her amazing and fantastic wallpaper as she is doing a giveaway, how fantastic is that???

And enjoy Bonfire night, those of you who are doing something! I miss the toffee apples and parkin and being warmed on the side facing the fire, watching the fireworks and feeling all cosy in a big coat. One year I will take the girls to England to experience Nov 5th!

giraffe hats..

after our lovely trip to the zoo I found some giraffe fabric which I just made into a couple of hats for the girls! don't be scared by the balloon head, I didn't have a daughter available to model at the time!


a trip to the zoo...

We have just had half term holiday here in Denmark. So last Thursday I decided to take the girls to one of the local animal parks. I thought well its raining so there won't be many people there. I was right and we had our rain clothes on so we were happy and dry!
here they are, for some reason Viola thinks that closing her eyes is smiling...well shes always proved to be different, not much change there. We walked for around 3 hours and saw loads of animals out enjoying the rain. Minnas favourite were the giraffes, she was so obsessed with seeing them and couldn't believe her eyes when we did!
We felt as though we were quite close! they are BIG creatures, very beautiful and graceful even in the mud! Minna had to draw and paint one the next day...
Pretty cool to say she isn't always that keen on drawing!

What I loved the best would have to be the cheetahs. I turned back to call Viola at one point and there was a cheetah staring at her (on the other side of the fence of course) and she was just saying Hi to it whilst licking rain drops off the fence, yummy.
Then further on in the enclosure with the young cheetahs Minna was having a conversation with one, which went on for so long I managed to video the end of their contact!

Well hope you enjoyed that!
 I don't tire of it!
Right I might have to do some embroidery now, so I blog about that at some point... :) enjoy this lovely Autumn weather...


completed bat pictures

Really pleased that I have completed the presents for our new nephew and niece here in Denmark. Hopefully we can all go and visit them soon, Minna is very excited to meet them, but we will have to wait until after their due date, which will be late October.

Today I am at home nursing my poorly tonsils, tonsillitis is so nasty. I really thought that after I had taken my first penicillin pill all would be better, but no.... I slept about 14 hours last night. A record...but I really am so tired going to lie down again soon...
hope you are all well and having  a fantastic first of October, time is zippiting by....

50s evening!

Me and Christian in our attire for a 50*s themed evening at our good friends Kirstens!

the necklace was a bit of an issue, but thats how it goes with long necklaces and breasts!
Everyone had made an effort in their clothing and we drank some lovely cocktails too, most relaxing...


doll house

I have been working on renovating a doll house for the girls. Its not finished yet but on its way. I get distracted easily and Minna loves to play with it as it is anyway!

here is the parents bedroom with the babys cot.

its at night time and I have a lamp outside the window.

The next two are taken with natural light.  I love the fabric for the baby in the cot. I only had that tiny bit so just managed to make a wee sleeping bag!

I really need to finish the other rooms. Its a lundby dollhouse from the 70's my friend gave to me. I had plans to make my own ...but no I am not that patient or handy with the wood. Christian made the double bed which you can't see much of bit it is lovely!

wigs...are they fun??

Christian went to Dubai for work again recently. He always comes back with presents which is so much fun for the girls and me!

This time amongst the gifts was a wig....we really weren't sure about it...in fact Viola thought it was most scary, I am with her on that...still being the cruel mum I am I popped it on her head for a photo anyway...not a happy child!

Minna was a little less reluctant and even managed a smile!

But honestly they looked like something had crawled out of a bog.

I asked Christian what he was thinking...?? He reckoned they'd have fun dressing up with it! Hum.


more bats....

We have two new members of our family! Twins, they were born very early and everything is going very well. They are beautiful!

So I am making them a bat each, they names will be embroidered across the body.

Its fun to be making again!

I have an exhibition soon which I have to feel ready for....I am but not mentally!

Enjoying the Autumn? The smells of the forest after a rain and the glittery sea with an overcast sky. Magical! Then I get Minna screaming how the wind is upsetting her, help, get a hat on, tie the hair up...!


Summer hols

Can't believe our summer hols are nearly over...boo hoo...

We have had 3 weeks together and enjoying it still...we spent 10 days in the UK and it was so amazing to see the girls develop so much in such a short time. We loved seeing our family and catching up with dear friends! All lovely not long enough, it never is... except it was for Minna who was starting to miss home and began to rebel somewhat!!

Here are the girls in my sisters garden in London, naked and happy playing with the bees and a basin of water!

Minna with glittery stickers on her head and sporting a fun and necessary water gun!

Violas hair looks great with my sisters blue wall in the background!

My super ace sister looked after the girls whilst Christian and I went to see Limbo, a circus recommended by Alice and Charlie!

We visited Hannah in her amazing studio!

The girls did a spot of cleaning!

And we admired Hannahs most fantastic wallpapers! Well done a true inspiration to us all!

 We caught up with friends at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park too!

Minna by a giant Hay bale..

We also caught up with friends in Greenhead park, also worth a visit!

And we ate out locally with me mum and dad and went for a little walk beforehand to look at the 'moos' !

Now we have a few days left and will spend it as much as possible on the beach at home! lovely, if it stops raining....!

hope your summers are super relaxing xx


Sculpture by the sea

At the moment for the whole of June there is a massive exhibition called 'Sculpture by the sea' in Aarhus. it's so amazing with around 60 sculptures along the beach. it makes for a lovely walk.
this piece is called Snake and moves around in three places really elegant and beautiful. I love the kinetic ones. its really tall too, perfect by the sea to blow it around.

this is the 3rd year the exhibition has been running. It shows first in Australia then over here.

Its so refreshing to have some interesting art to ponder over. Although we only saw half of it with my mum the other day...Viola wanted to walk, and she always chooses the opposite direction to us! Typical 16 month! and Minna wanted to sit in the pushchair, that was ok!

this on is called Bubble no.5. you can see Aarhus harbour in the background.

we had an ice cream half way through our trip.

and we saw the crown prince of DK as he declared it open that day!! Always nice to see a bit of royalty!
Check out more on www.sculpturebythesea.com


Exhibition in Rønde Library

Here is my exhibition at the Library in Rønde.

I took my mum today and she enjoyed the space and said she was proud of me which is always lovely to hear! Especially when none have sold! Not to worry I have another exhibition to show them off at in October, this one ends in 2 days...

There are 16 pictures all in all and I really enjoyed the deadline to make them in!

Well hope you are all having fun in the early Summer feeling, the baby birds are chirping and when it rains it smells so fresh and lovely!


more embroideries...

here is a little wolfie for my nieces birthday in a weeks time, it was fun playing around.

And here is another completed picture for my exhibition which is happening soon.

I didn't win the competition I entered, but was pleased with the selected winners as there really was some weird and dodgy stuff and the winners deserved to win I think!

this piece looks a little like the cats are going through the washing machine. poor mites.

I have had 2 days off work this week (holiday) and have so enjoyed getting on with the various jobs both creatively and householdly that it makes me more than ever want to work part time!

hope you are all enjoying some warmth! Minna got slightly sun burnt yesterday, crikey, slapped on the sun block today!


cheeky cats

I have been busy this year making embroideries with the intention to sell. I usually just make things which develops my style and pushes my boundaries. But I have decided that I need to get some money and aim towards living off my art...or at least supplement my existing salary...! so local exhibitions this year and I know cats and dogs sell, so here I go...!

My exhibition is in a library in May.  

New embroideries...

Here is a photo of an embroidery I made for my friend who is having a birthday in May...don't think she checks my blog so I haven't spoiled the surprise!

This weekend I am taking the girls for a trip to London to visit my sister and her husband. It's always exciting to get the little monkeys on the plane and balance all the paraphernalia that accompanies us... balance the cabbage.

hope Spring is lovely for all...


a competition!

Here's a link to a competition I have entered... I am at the bottom, its in reverse alphabet order, under amystitch...

Christian saw it in the paper and suggested I took part. I really think its geared to the painterly world but hey lets see! there are some cool prizes for 10 winners/runners up. Some advice on business, 6 months marketing profile with possibility to exhibit and a years subscription to an arts magazine.

I think lots of the entries are very mundane, poorly painted portraits. But there are some exciting imaginative works in and amongst!

We are having the most amazing Spring weather...Hope you are all having a splendid start of March!


some creative play and pancakes!

Viola is sleeping outside in her pram. Minna and I drew on bog rolls, got out some little bunnies and furniture and had a wee play around. Note my lampshade in the background Its made out of some Heals fabric from the 70's I got from my amazing Auntie Maureen.
Later on we had a fire in the garden made some yummy pancakes...the snow is nearly all gone now!
What a great Saturday it's been, Viola is walking all the while now its so much fun...



Valentine hearts to cheer up our wintry weather!

Minna and I have had fun making them.


This Year...

I have made a list of my ambitions for this year. It's not very long as I want to be realistic, or achieve my goals easily and feel good about it!
they are...blog once a month...have 2 exhibitions locally this year...and get etsy shop up and running again...make an embroidery to go in our bedroom...

Viola turned 1 yesterday...Wow she's so nearly walking too it's so much fun!

She got a bat...

here she is picking chocolate off the cake, that's my girl!

a couple of cats..

Here are a couple of cats which I made for my two friends who had birthdays mid-January. I was pushed for time and at the end of my maternity week with a ambition to complete 5 embroideries already that week, which I did and still managed extra time to make these cats!

Although I am back at work I am off today as I have done my back in, so rest is required. Ice packs a plenty and I hope to be going back this week...