Sculpture by the sea

At the moment for the whole of June there is a massive exhibition called 'Sculpture by the sea' in Aarhus. it's so amazing with around 60 sculptures along the beach. it makes for a lovely walk.
this piece is called Snake and moves around in three places really elegant and beautiful. I love the kinetic ones. its really tall too, perfect by the sea to blow it around.

this is the 3rd year the exhibition has been running. It shows first in Australia then over here.

Its so refreshing to have some interesting art to ponder over. Although we only saw half of it with my mum the other day...Viola wanted to walk, and she always chooses the opposite direction to us! Typical 16 month! and Minna wanted to sit in the pushchair, that was ok!

this on is called Bubble no.5. you can see Aarhus harbour in the background.

we had an ice cream half way through our trip.

and we saw the crown prince of DK as he declared it open that day!! Always nice to see a bit of royalty!
Check out more on www.sculpturebythesea.com