March fun!

At the beginning of March the girls and I went to stay with my sister Alice and Charlie for the weekend in London. Here is Minna doing some yoga with her Uncle Charlie (who is a yoga teacher!)

We visited the museum of Childhood, which was lots of fun and a perfect place to meet friends in the cafe then wander round at leisure catching up with said friends whilst the children are entertained!

here at home Minna and I spent an afternoon on the beach playing with shells, throwing stones, and digging in the sand. Viola and Christian were at home having an afternoon nap!
I love that it takes 5 minutes to walk to the beach, and the weather was so perfect that day.

Christian went to a conference and came back with this  bag which is  a good size for work, especially now Viola has started in the nursery where I work, so I can throw loads of our stuff in this bag... I made a badger to cover up the logo on the front of the bag. I am a bit obsessed with badgers at the moment.

  so lastly each girl with their respective big brothers! looks like an embroidery brewing to happen to me! and from 1st of April I have Thursday off which means time to play, lovely!