new web site

I have now spent quite a few hours creating a new website using a site called square space, highly recommended for us arty types who just want to make rather than make the technical side to our work which is so necessary!


here's an illustration I found to put on the site. I drew it around 6 years ago.

I am presently on my summer holidays, 3 weeks at home in DK with some dodgy so called summer weather...I was envisioning a sunny 3 weeks by the local beach... well if the weather perks up perhaps we can manage a week!

When I go back to work, in a kindergarten, I will be only working 2 days a week which means I will have time to explore my potential. Sewing machine get ready for some more action!

here is a recent embroidery I made for my business card.

enjoy your summer hope its warmer than mine so far, fingers crossed for a lovely late summer!