I love the age Minna is now we have so much creative fun together. Here are a pair of splendid gems we made!

We decided to swap glasses too!

Made Minna's eyes squinty!


Morning light...

Our last house had loads of windows and was really light. It is quite different in this house, although i am rather fond of the morning light in the kitchen/dining room. And look at our gorgeous artwork on the walls, Lisa Stubbs, Tracy Nors, D. Beale and Camilla Engman lucky lucky us!

cheeky imp

How can a 7 month old get to be so cheeky?

I blame the parents!

about time....

About time I did a post...

Been busy with my girls, we have just about settled in to our new house.

Except one of our cats, who has run back to our old house 10 times...we keep fetching him, naughty boy.

We have had a fantastic Summer, and Spring too. Lots of guests to fill the house and garden which I love!

I need to remember to have the laptop in the living room so I do blog, it's hidden in the office so  I forget...and I am busy..removing the cat food away from a crawling baby, reminding the eldest to pee on the potty...

I love it all, life is so great, we laugh a lot in our house.


New arrival....

Viola Bea arrived on Saturday all in a hurry! I could hardly keep up...

She is amazing, of course, and we are all getting acquainted, Minna is a very proud and happy big sis.

She is 5 minutes old in the photo!


post Christmas joy!

I can't believe how big our 2 year old is now!

I love this photo of Christian showing Minna photos of her dancing. She got a few skirts for Christmas and loves to change into them and do some grooving, most amusing!

I do wonder how she is going to be when her little sister arrives, not long now, another week....although she is welcome anytime soon!