doll house

I have been working on renovating a doll house for the girls. Its not finished yet but on its way. I get distracted easily and Minna loves to play with it as it is anyway!

here is the parents bedroom with the babys cot.

its at night time and I have a lamp outside the window.

The next two are taken with natural light.  I love the fabric for the baby in the cot. I only had that tiny bit so just managed to make a wee sleeping bag!

I really need to finish the other rooms. Its a lundby dollhouse from the 70's my friend gave to me. I had plans to make my own ...but no I am not that patient or handy with the wood. Christian made the double bed which you can't see much of bit it is lovely!

wigs...are they fun??

Christian went to Dubai for work again recently. He always comes back with presents which is so much fun for the girls and me!

This time amongst the gifts was a wig....we really weren't sure about it...in fact Viola thought it was most scary, I am with her on that...still being the cruel mum I am I popped it on her head for a photo anyway...not a happy child!

Minna was a little less reluctant and even managed a smile!

But honestly they looked like something had crawled out of a bog.

I asked Christian what he was thinking...?? He reckoned they'd have fun dressing up with it! Hum.


more bats....

We have two new members of our family! Twins, they were born very early and everything is going very well. They are beautiful!

So I am making them a bat each, they names will be embroidered across the body.

Its fun to be making again!

I have an exhibition soon which I have to feel ready for....I am but not mentally!

Enjoying the Autumn? The smells of the forest after a rain and the glittery sea with an overcast sky. Magical! Then I get Minna screaming how the wind is upsetting her, help, get a hat on, tie the hair up...!