crocheted love...

here is another picture for my lovely sister and her hub. They are very welcoming people and often have guests staying, friends from all over the globe.. Alice is a wonderful cook, tasty veggie stuff. And for the last 4 or 5 years has discovered crocheting, which I have no patience or skill for whatsoever! She has crocheted many presents for various friends and family, including cakes(my favourite is batenberg and donuts!) a beaver, a fish, a cat in a bin....and blankets for Minna and this next one!


dog in a tea cup!!

I am presently making an embroidery for my sister and her hubby. It's one which I have long promised to make. I wanted it to reflect all the aspects of their life together. It all seemed so overwhelming so I have just put it off for perhaps the last 4 years...they travel everywhere and have many interests. But after the last Selvedge magazine and reading about Arthur Bispo do Rosario I got all inspired. So I started with this dog in a cup which is the sort of thing which can bring a tear to my sisters eye on a vulnerable day. Then I continued with individual pictures which I will put together in the end joining with braids, ribbons and the like. Not buttons as Charlie has a phobia of them.
I aim to complete this in the next 3 weeks so I can take it to the UK and give it in person!

I was planning on it all being hand embroidered but due to time limitation I dug out the sewing machine...!


This one I made for my friend Anne who also turned 40 in October. I spent so long making this and felt quite teary that I wasn't able to give it to her in person. I have known Anne all my life and it's at times lilke birthdays or births of children that I feel sad that I live so far away in Denmark!
Anyway she was most happy with her present so that made it all worth while, and I am planning on a quick trip over soon to the UK so hopefully we will meet up! I have to plan what animal to make for my other friend in the UK, I have until June to plan and make that so that's great!!


Here is an embroidery I made for my friend who turned 40 in August.