hares on chairs...!

so the idea is using Danish designer chairs with hares on them....and hand embroidering a pattern on the chair, I've also started some chairs which are applique, some furnishing fabrics or whatever I find suitable, I'm not sure they work as well as these ones however... What do you think??

new series...sketching

here are some really quick sketches of my 'hares on chairs' series! I have already started doing the embroideries and it's going strong...
on a roll as I only have a week left of my maternity leave, actually I'm on holiday now until I start on the 1st of November...

Camilla Engman print

We bought this rather splendid print by Camilla Engman recently which we all love to bits, including Minna who is proving to be developing exquisite taste!!

Deborah at Kickcan and Conkers mentions her often and has done recently! As does the amazing illustrator Helicopter6 all these blogs are totally worth checking out if you don't already!


Minna the meat eater...

I'm not much into meat, but I'm pleased that Minna isn't too fussy!

I think she looks like a magician...'..and now you see it ....'


At last I have completed my embroidery... I may change my mind and work a bit more on it..
Squirrel next in this series!!

It's fun doing hand embroidery again, relaxing on an evening too!

doll house stuff!!

here are just a few lovely doll house items sent to me by my very gorgeous friend Celine from Taiwan! Thank you my warm shouldered friend, Minna will be delighted one day when she stops putting small things in her mouth! And Christian and I have made her a doll house!!


60's fireside chairs

These 2 chairs Christian and I bought at Spitalfields market about 10 years ago for 40 quid! They had the original covers on and were painted black. We stripped the wood with bits of broken glass and I have covered them twice, but recently we had a professional get on the job. He replaced the seat cushions as they were no good, the print I did quite some time ago now. We are pleased with the result...I have one more cushion to make...Otis is already taken with them!


family in clothkits

I have just received a CD with all our family slides on from the 70's so I have been trawling through and have found some really funny photos.. this one is not funny it's sweet... I have a clothkits patch on my trousers Tom has a jumper, Alice's jumper may be from there too, I'm not sure, and my mum is wearing a dress from there too...my mum was busy making lots of these kits for the 3 of us and herself!
My mum and dad wore our sunhats well into the 80's after we had discarded them, I will find a photo as the hats (for children) perch on their too large adult heads!!


Here I am perhaps 4 years old, waving at a duck...!?
this cool hooded top is from Clothkits, I loved it, toweling comfort...
I might not be waving but approaching stealthily to stroke the poor unsuspecting creature!


today's lion

I embroidered this lion today, using some 70's fabric I have. The top is way too big hence the rolled up sleeves but I thought she should model it, makes a better photo than folded up.

I also made a clothkits dress for her, I did it to age 2. I loved my clothkits clothes as a child and remember them not only being fun designs, comfortable and I could match my older brother and sis but in different colours . Anyway after having sent the first kit back I realised today that the lining I had was too small... ho hum perhaps Minna will have to make do with one dress. I have the pattern so I will make my own designs....


Minna's bat...

I have just made this bat for Minna I called it Minna's bat as 'made with safety in mind-no sharp edges' was pooh poohed by Christian he thought that was weird! Well Minna likes her new toy, she bum shuffled around clutching onto it!
On the back I sewed a label on which states :Finest Huddersfield Worsted . Well pleased with that!

Right off to trundle around...


bird seed update

here is an update of my embroidery. It is going quite slowly as I am also writing some stuff in my spare time and we have my parents visiting which is fantastic and I don't want to miss time spent with them!!

so now I have to think of a border and do some more hand embroidery then I will start my squirrel embroidery!


flea market find..

Here is a doll house I bought in Femmøller flea market the other day, I bumped into Kirsten who said I might as well buy this as I wouldn't be able to get materials as cheap...just what Christian said too..! It cost 50 kroner about £5.

I have had a doll house project in my head for years I orginally wanted to buy a cupboard to convert to a house but then couldn't find the right one. Then decided to make it from scratch, also bit hard but could be fun.. anyway going to renovate this, story of my life, make trash to treasure...

I would like to get various people to contribute a little made item to put in the house so it's meaningful for Minna when she's older. I fear that I will get more pleasure from this than she will, she may be a tom boy and hate dolls...!!?!

Glad the toilet seat is down....

dream garden

today we went for a walk through Vistoft, our village, with Christians parents and my parents and called on one of the neighbours who have the most amazing garden this is just part of it and I got tears in my eyes as I think it the most beautiful garden ever. I could see fairies floating through the grass. The trees are enormous...sigh my dream garden love it to bits...


lovely summer...

so far having a lovely summer...
My parents are visiting and helping out with looking after Minna!

Have only done a little bit more of my bird embroidery, but it's going in the right direction.
will post a picture when it's closer to completion.

meanwhile here is one of Minna...of course!

Apparently Florence was thrilled with her jumper I made her! what a relief...


Florences' Birthday present!

I made this little bird on a t-shirt for my friends daughter who has a birthday on Tuesday!
Much in the same style as the bird I am working on at the moment.

She is going to be 3 so I hope she likes it! I have decided to do some designs for Minna at some point and get them sent to various kids clothes companies see how that goes....



I love squirrels and I found a fab coat hanger in a new shop in our local town.
It's a Swedish make called pluto they've made loads of cool stuff which I have bought for various people in the UK in the past.

My parents went to Finland recently with my sister Alice and her husband Charlie where they fed red squirrels in the park. My dad took a load of photos and one of my next embroideries will be with a squirrel....

For Minna's door

here is an little embroidery for Minnas bedroom door.

lots of retro fabric and lovely colours... a little owl to watch over her at night.


work in progress

Minna at 6 months


wow I have so been immersed in motherhood fot the last 6 months it's luxury! All my life has been, is the progress and development of hers-i love it...now Minna is beginning to sit up and has her first tooth she is a bit more able to have a routine, this has meant I have allowed myself to do some embroidery yesterday! no cleaning no washing no sleeping or shopping just pure create time whilst the My slept...

will post a piccy of my embroidery in progress at some point and one of Minna....