an embroidery in process

I am in the process of making this cat embroidery. I want to do a whole series of them with words printed in the cats bodies. I have a list of words like 'feathers' 'fishbones' kittens' 'mouse' etc... so I am working out how to embellish the cat so the words still stand out.

by the way go to Hannahs blog to partake in winning some of her amazing and fantastic wallpaper as she is doing a giveaway, how fantastic is that???

And enjoy Bonfire night, those of you who are doing something! I miss the toffee apples and parkin and being warmed on the side facing the fire, watching the fireworks and feeling all cosy in a big coat. One year I will take the girls to England to experience Nov 5th!

giraffe hats..

after our lovely trip to the zoo I found some giraffe fabric which I just made into a couple of hats for the girls! don't be scared by the balloon head, I didn't have a daughter available to model at the time!