Table decorations...

These angels I have made for our Christmas table as name places, we're having Christmas with one of Christians sisters, Kathrine, Morten their 2 girls Alma Asta and his parents Lisbeth and Carsten. It'll be lovely, we celebrate it Christmas eve and there will be dancing round the tree and lots of present opening and a general feeling of fun and happiness!
One year I made Christmas trees with our names on, I thought that the girls would like Angels this year....!!

cards for Christmas

Here is the chaos of christmas card making at the Taylor Hauschild household just before the last post date from Denmark... I needed a design which was really easy to reproduce hence the simplicity. I usually make my cards it all started when I was 15, my friends Anne and Rachel and I all used to go into production together and get all creative with our cards, I carried on the tradition 20 plus years later... Next year will be better!!


Minna My

This is what I have been busy with the last few weeks, Minna My was born the 2nd of December, she is around 10 hours old in this photo!

Now she's 2 weeks and we're just as happy...

I have also had some time to make cards and table decorations with our names on for the Christmas table which I will post photos of later this week...!

I'm in a blissful state it's lovely!


little notebooks...

I have decided to make some notebooks/sketchbooks... This is one of my first efforts... It's A6 size so quite small really and I have used decent paper inside, so it has a good quality feel to it. I have made 4 more which I will be putting on my etsy site soon... hopefully if I get myself together to take decent photos and I need to retake the photos already on etsy as they're too dark...

I feel as if I'm losing the plot a bit today, my mind is turning jelly-like and I want to just sit and read or watch telly. So I forced myself to get into the annex and write a couple of posts to keep up. I have 3 weeks left before my due date so I'm going to blame my enormous bulk for me being 'out of it'...


I love this fabric, which is a modern Japanese fabric.
it has French written on the jars but I think it looks Swedish. I have a metre of it and don't know what to use it for yet. I'm sure that I will have it for a while then suddenly make it into a skirt or a bag or something...


garden creatures

Here are 2 more pages from my diary... it's what I wrote about the other day with the cheeky deer and the lovely woodpecker!

The colours of the trees at the moment are beautiful, what an amazing season Autumn is! I saw a clearing in a forest yesterday which got me thinking of 'The Lorax' by Dr. Suess a great book of it's time! I must find it out on Amazon and get it...

Looking forward to a purchase arriving which I made with Skinny Laminx, I'm getting ready for Christmas presents! Exciting stuff love her prints...


on the beach

This is a picture from my sketchbook, it's me and Christian on the beach on Fanø, where we went for a long weekend 2 weeks ago. It's a lovely small island off the west coast of Denmark. The beach you can drive on for miles, there are even bus stops! There were many people looking for amber, we didn't bother, it was so cold we got out of the car for about 5 minutes and drove off again! I forgot I enjoy sketching, I'm not brilliant but it's fun so I've decided to do more of it!


nature nerding

here is a picture of my studio space, this is where I sit at the sewing machine and look out over our pond in the garden. It's lovely and most inspiring. I got really excited this morning, as I was looking out of the window at a jay hopping around I got the binoculars out(i know bird spotter) but then I saw a woodpecker on the tree in front of the house, had to phone Christian straight away, we're both nature nerds! and last night as Christian came home from work he stopped down our drive and rang me, we had 6 roe deer in our garden, 2 had hopped up in our veggie high bed, cheeky beetroot nibblers!

thanks for your comments about my pencil case!



I made this pencil case yesterday, it's a start to my new series of products which I want to get on Etsy soon.
So I thought first I'll make a couple of pencil cases and do some printing. I bought these letters from e-bay ages ago and now I'm finally using them! I want to linocut the squirrel too so I'm working on that today see if I prefer applique or print.
this is so much fun!
I even forgot to have a sleep yesterday afternoon I was so excited!
I sleep normally as I am pregnant and get tired quick, but this gives me energy...


yorkshire lass conquers fear

wow I really have done this on me own like! I'm well proud of myself, scanning, resizing, setting in to the header and all by myself, I'm going to have to eat now... independecy rocks!


I like sewing machines

Yes here I am trying my hardest to figure out how to set up this blog without messing up... I want to understand it on my own, but anyway i keep thinking when is my super computer nerd husband coming home... I will conquer but the sewing machine is calling... sew sew sew