a trip to the zoo...

We have just had half term holiday here in Denmark. So last Thursday I decided to take the girls to one of the local animal parks. I thought well its raining so there won't be many people there. I was right and we had our rain clothes on so we were happy and dry!
here they are, for some reason Viola thinks that closing her eyes is smiling...well shes always proved to be different, not much change there. We walked for around 3 hours and saw loads of animals out enjoying the rain. Minnas favourite were the giraffes, she was so obsessed with seeing them and couldn't believe her eyes when we did!
We felt as though we were quite close! they are BIG creatures, very beautiful and graceful even in the mud! Minna had to draw and paint one the next day...
Pretty cool to say she isn't always that keen on drawing!

What I loved the best would have to be the cheetahs. I turned back to call Viola at one point and there was a cheetah staring at her (on the other side of the fence of course) and she was just saying Hi to it whilst licking rain drops off the fence, yummy.
Then further on in the enclosure with the young cheetahs Minna was having a conversation with one, which went on for so long I managed to video the end of their contact!

Well hope you enjoyed that!
 I don't tire of it!
Right I might have to do some embroidery now, so I blog about that at some point... :) enjoy this lovely Autumn weather...


completed bat pictures

Really pleased that I have completed the presents for our new nephew and niece here in Denmark. Hopefully we can all go and visit them soon, Minna is very excited to meet them, but we will have to wait until after their due date, which will be late October.

Today I am at home nursing my poorly tonsils, tonsillitis is so nasty. I really thought that after I had taken my first penicillin pill all would be better, but no.... I slept about 14 hours last night. A record...but I really am so tired going to lie down again soon...
hope you are all well and having  a fantastic first of October, time is zippiting by....

50s evening!

Me and Christian in our attire for a 50*s themed evening at our good friends Kirstens!

the necklace was a bit of an issue, but thats how it goes with long necklaces and breasts!
Everyone had made an effort in their clothing and we drank some lovely cocktails too, most relaxing...