Florences' Birthday present!

I made this little bird on a t-shirt for my friends daughter who has a birthday on Tuesday!
Much in the same style as the bird I am working on at the moment.

She is going to be 3 so I hope she likes it! I have decided to do some designs for Minna at some point and get them sent to various kids clothes companies see how that goes....



I love squirrels and I found a fab coat hanger in a new shop in our local town.
It's a Swedish make called pluto they've made loads of cool stuff which I have bought for various people in the UK in the past.

My parents went to Finland recently with my sister Alice and her husband Charlie where they fed red squirrels in the park. My dad took a load of photos and one of my next embroideries will be with a squirrel....

For Minna's door

here is an little embroidery for Minnas bedroom door.

lots of retro fabric and lovely colours... a little owl to watch over her at night.


work in progress

Minna at 6 months


wow I have so been immersed in motherhood fot the last 6 months it's luxury! All my life has been, is the progress and development of hers-i love it...now Minna is beginning to sit up and has her first tooth she is a bit more able to have a routine, this has meant I have allowed myself to do some embroidery yesterday! no cleaning no washing no sleeping or shopping just pure create time whilst the My slept...

will post a piccy of my embroidery in progress at some point and one of Minna....