minnas cushion

At last finished Minna's just got Viola's to go !


embroidered hare and floaty person...dream land!

I have started a series of embroideries to be sold on Etsy soon....here is the first one. 
The idea is that she is floating along in a dream like way and being pulled by a hare. I want to capture movement and grace!

and I am keeping them very simple, this one is nearly finished...

any comments? please let me know what you think!???

a cat dress...

I have a tunic which I bought years ago, the style suits me well. so I have recreated it with some stretchy cord and  put a cat on the pocket to make it less dull, and make it mine!


 I learnt a lot making this, but it was fun. I have more different fabric but might  wait a while before I embark on that project, clothes aren't my 'thing'...