Table decorations...

These angels I have made for our Christmas table as name places, we're having Christmas with one of Christians sisters, Kathrine, Morten their 2 girls Alma Asta and his parents Lisbeth and Carsten. It'll be lovely, we celebrate it Christmas eve and there will be dancing round the tree and lots of present opening and a general feeling of fun and happiness!
One year I made Christmas trees with our names on, I thought that the girls would like Angels this year....!!

cards for Christmas

Here is the chaos of christmas card making at the Taylor Hauschild household just before the last post date from Denmark... I needed a design which was really easy to reproduce hence the simplicity. I usually make my cards it all started when I was 15, my friends Anne and Rachel and I all used to go into production together and get all creative with our cards, I carried on the tradition 20 plus years later... Next year will be better!!


Minna My

This is what I have been busy with the last few weeks, Minna My was born the 2nd of December, she is around 10 hours old in this photo!

Now she's 2 weeks and we're just as happy...

I have also had some time to make cards and table decorations with our names on for the Christmas table which I will post photos of later this week...!

I'm in a blissful state it's lovely!