hares on chairs...!

so the idea is using Danish designer chairs with hares on them....and hand embroidering a pattern on the chair, I've also started some chairs which are applique, some furnishing fabrics or whatever I find suitable, I'm not sure they work as well as these ones however... What do you think??

new series...sketching

here are some really quick sketches of my 'hares on chairs' series! I have already started doing the embroideries and it's going strong...
on a roll as I only have a week left of my maternity leave, actually I'm on holiday now until I start on the 1st of November...

Camilla Engman print

We bought this rather splendid print by Camilla Engman recently which we all love to bits, including Minna who is proving to be developing exquisite taste!!

Deborah at Kickcan and Conkers mentions her often and has done recently! As does the amazing illustrator Helicopter6 all these blogs are totally worth checking out if you don't already!


Minna the meat eater...

I'm not much into meat, but I'm pleased that Minna isn't too fussy!

I think she looks like a magician...'..and now you see it ....'


At last I have completed my embroidery... I may change my mind and work a bit more on it..
Squirrel next in this series!!

It's fun doing hand embroidery again, relaxing on an evening too!

doll house stuff!!

here are just a few lovely doll house items sent to me by my very gorgeous friend Celine from Taiwan! Thank you my warm shouldered friend, Minna will be delighted one day when she stops putting small things in her mouth! And Christian and I have made her a doll house!!