bat pocket

My day off has been spent sewing...HOORAH!!

and I made a bat, a very happy bat, so I am now beaming too...

useful for secret messages to your loved one. 
Or for those teeth needing to go to the fairy.

hope your day brings as much happiness as mine!


recent embroideries...

here are my most recent illustrations..
very dreamlike and floaty...

about to go on Etsy...

the summer is so lovely! we have enjoyed 2 weeks together and spent it on our local beach!

back to work tomorrow :)


minnas cushion

At last finished Minna's just got Viola's to go !


embroidered hare and floaty person...dream land!

I have started a series of embroideries to be sold on Etsy soon....here is the first one. 
The idea is that she is floating along in a dream like way and being pulled by a hare. I want to capture movement and grace!

and I am keeping them very simple, this one is nearly finished...

any comments? please let me know what you think!???

a cat dress...

I have a tunic which I bought years ago, the style suits me well. so I have recreated it with some stretchy cord and  put a cat on the pocket to make it less dull, and make it mine!


 I learnt a lot making this, but it was fun. I have more different fabric but might  wait a while before I embark on that project, clothes aren't my 'thing'...


March fun!

At the beginning of March the girls and I went to stay with my sister Alice and Charlie for the weekend in London. Here is Minna doing some yoga with her Uncle Charlie (who is a yoga teacher!)

We visited the museum of Childhood, which was lots of fun and a perfect place to meet friends in the cafe then wander round at leisure catching up with said friends whilst the children are entertained!

here at home Minna and I spent an afternoon on the beach playing with shells, throwing stones, and digging in the sand. Viola and Christian were at home having an afternoon nap!
I love that it takes 5 minutes to walk to the beach, and the weather was so perfect that day.

Christian went to a conference and came back with this  bag which is  a good size for work, especially now Viola has started in the nursery where I work, so I can throw loads of our stuff in this bag... I made a badger to cover up the logo on the front of the bag. I am a bit obsessed with badgers at the moment.

  so lastly each girl with their respective big brothers! looks like an embroidery brewing to happen to me! and from 1st of April I have Thursday off which means time to play, lovely!


more chair and sleepy fluffy cat...and a couple of cushions

 and this is it finished...well not quite round the edges yet, but I will be making it presentable and putting it in my, soon to be re-opened not before time-, Etsy shop...

 Here are a couple of photos of two cushions I have made this weekend for two of my lovely Danish  nieces! 

I really want to learn more about letter shapes and get into calligraphy, and printing letters and grahics in general...So much to learn and the sun is finally shining, what a fantastic February day!


getting into it all again...

my brain is working overtime, Christian always has a laugh at the notion of me noggin getting any
action, but there you go I can show off and say that I am doing some thinking...

Yes and where is it getting me?

Its true I do day dream quite a lot, there goes some hours....bang gone.

Ok I have also done some embroidery too.

And its good to plan and  a little goal is forming in me little head....

here is a sketch...
and the embroidery in the process...

Christian is planning on going to Dubai more times a year through work, which we have decided is a bit hard on me...(violins) so I am going down in hours at work, YEH! this gives me a day a week to make and blog and plan and sell and be creative!
I need to make sure the house work is done beforehand as I like peace around me, thats the trouble with having studio space in ones home!

Hope the February weather is treating you all well, I am enjoying the snow leaving us and that the gale winds are dying down....!


girls over Christmas..

Christmas has been fantastic, the girls were off until the 2nd with Christian. I worked the days we were open at our Nursery, I can definitely feel that might have been a mistake! So I need to plan a couple of free days soon!

here is Viola in a Twilight Sparkle costume...My little pony, oh the joys of girly girls!!!

and here is Minna with her delightful doctors glasses on playing in the guest room which she has renamed 'Auntie Alices bedroom' !!

table name cards at Christmas

Whenever we have Christmas at home, which hasn't been very often so far, I make some sort of name card to put on the table. this year was going to be robins but they look more like partridges which is fine by me as we often see flocks of the little fellas here!!
here they are naked
and with a bit of pattern, good old bog rolls used to stand the up!
I could do with a lesson in calligraphy or something!

we are at home next year too so going to have to think of something a bit more festive I reckon!

I have made trees, angels, reindeer and now partridges...!! snowmen perhaps...