free motion machine embroideries

Three yawning cats and a french bulldog!

Another yawning cat, a Birman, a siamese and a persian.


Have a super Monday and a fantastic week!


sketches , tigers and a busy tooth fairy!

 This is a sketch I made of Nyhavn in Copenhagen, as I was stuck with what to draw. I don't think it gave me any ideas but its sometimes just good to try something different. Plus I'm going over to Copenhagen soon to do a screen printing course with the talented Karen Lewis, I'm so excited to be amongst other creatives!

This next sketch is possibly an idea for my next free machine embroidery! Yawning cats are so funny, I can make sofus yawn by yawning, then I can take photos of him, he's so easy!!

Here is Minna with her fourth tooth out in 2 months! Crazy, she said right after, mum I have another wobbly tooth....she is NOT allowed to wobble it!

Lastly the girls as tigers, which is what Viola would like to be when she's bigger, as well as a super hero!

Have a fun Monday!


summer cats

Here are a few new embroideries of late.

The persian  I completed today. Just going to start a new one. The weather is so miserable so its lovely to stay indoors and sew!

My mum came to stay for a week and left on Tuesday. We had so much fun, and now I am looking forward to when me and the girls can travel over to the uk and visit the family!

on the beach after a dip, Minna is keeping the tooth fairy busy this year!


new greeting cards

I have had three of my embroidery designs printed up into cards, and in my Etsy shop

Love the quality of Moo cards, good thick card, crisp white envelopes!

Happy Monday everyone!


new web site

I have now spent quite a few hours creating a new website using a site called square space, highly recommended for us arty types who just want to make rather than make the technical side to our work which is so necessary!


here's an illustration I found to put on the site. I drew it around 6 years ago.

I am presently on my summer holidays, 3 weeks at home in DK with some dodgy so called summer weather...I was envisioning a sunny 3 weeks by the local beach... well if the weather perks up perhaps we can manage a week!

When I go back to work, in a kindergarten, I will be only working 2 days a week which means I will have time to explore my potential. Sewing machine get ready for some more action!

here is a recent embroidery I made for my business card.

enjoy your summer hope its warmer than mine so far, fingers crossed for a lovely late summer!


new embroidery illustrations

I have definitely neglected this blogging business for too long.
Well time to update and write *blog* into my schedule!

We, the family, have spent three delicious months in Dubai, which has been a fantastic experience. A warm winter, not sure I'll have the chance to do that again. But Christmas eve at a water park is bizarre yet fun, the father Christmas we met had trainers and sunglasses on!

Well I had the opportunity to make my embroideries happen. I have loved having the time to relax into my creativity with no pressure.

the girls were at nursery and school for two months, and enjoyed it too!

here are some pics of my embroidery illustrations I created.


bat pocket

My day off has been spent sewing...HOORAH!!

and I made a bat, a very happy bat, so I am now beaming too...

useful for secret messages to your loved one. 
Or for those teeth needing to go to the fairy.

hope your day brings as much happiness as mine!