This Year...

I have made a list of my ambitions for this year. It's not very long as I want to be realistic, or achieve my goals easily and feel good about it!
they are...blog once a month...have 2 exhibitions locally this year...and get etsy shop up and running again...make an embroidery to go in our bedroom...

Viola turned 1 yesterday...Wow she's so nearly walking too it's so much fun!

She got a bat...

here she is picking chocolate off the cake, that's my girl!


  1. Happy birthday Viola where has that gone?!!! I love Viola's bat and your cat embroidery's Hope your back is feeling better and your all energised for your new years resolutions ... or revolutions as Sonny calls them! take care lovely, love lisex

  2. What a yummie cake :-) And such a nice bat, lucky little girl! Speak soon xxx