Summer hols

Can't believe our summer hols are nearly over...boo hoo...

We have had 3 weeks together and enjoying it still...we spent 10 days in the UK and it was so amazing to see the girls develop so much in such a short time. We loved seeing our family and catching up with dear friends! All lovely not long enough, it never is... except it was for Minna who was starting to miss home and began to rebel somewhat!!

Here are the girls in my sisters garden in London, naked and happy playing with the bees and a basin of water!

Minna with glittery stickers on her head and sporting a fun and necessary water gun!

Violas hair looks great with my sisters blue wall in the background!

My super ace sister looked after the girls whilst Christian and I went to see Limbo, a circus recommended by Alice and Charlie!

We visited Hannah in her amazing studio!

The girls did a spot of cleaning!

And we admired Hannahs most fantastic wallpapers! Well done a true inspiration to us all!

 We caught up with friends at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park too!

Minna by a giant Hay bale..

We also caught up with friends in Greenhead park, also worth a visit!

And we ate out locally with me mum and dad and went for a little walk beforehand to look at the 'moos' !

Now we have a few days left and will spend it as much as possible on the beach at home! lovely, if it stops raining....!

hope your summers are super relaxing xx


  1. Ah looks like you had a wonderful time, and your girls are growing up so fast! happy days!xx

  2. Come back soon...my floor needs sweeping girls xxx