60's fireside chairs

These 2 chairs Christian and I bought at Spitalfields market about 10 years ago for 40 quid! They had the original covers on and were painted black. We stripped the wood with bits of broken glass and I have covered them twice, but recently we had a professional get on the job. He replaced the seat cushions as they were no good, the print I did quite some time ago now. We are pleased with the result...I have one more cushion to make...Otis is already taken with them!


family in clothkits

I have just received a CD with all our family slides on from the 70's so I have been trawling through and have found some really funny photos.. this one is not funny it's sweet... I have a clothkits patch on my trousers Tom has a jumper, Alice's jumper may be from there too, I'm not sure, and my mum is wearing a dress from there too...my mum was busy making lots of these kits for the 3 of us and herself!
My mum and dad wore our sunhats well into the 80's after we had discarded them, I will find a photo as the hats (for children) perch on their too large adult heads!!


Here I am perhaps 4 years old, waving at a duck...!?
this cool hooded top is from Clothkits, I loved it, toweling comfort...
I might not be waving but approaching stealthily to stroke the poor unsuspecting creature!