cheeky cats

I have been busy this year making embroideries with the intention to sell. I usually just make things which develops my style and pushes my boundaries. But I have decided that I need to get some money and aim towards living off my art...or at least supplement my existing salary...! so local exhibitions this year and I know cats and dogs sell, so here I go...!

My exhibition is in a library in May.  

New embroideries...

Here is a photo of an embroidery I made for my friend who is having a birthday in May...don't think she checks my blog so I haven't spoiled the surprise!

This weekend I am taking the girls for a trip to London to visit my sister and her husband. It's always exciting to get the little monkeys on the plane and balance all the paraphernalia that accompanies us... balance the cabbage.

hope Spring is lovely for all...


a competition!

Here's a link to a competition I have entered... I am at the bottom, its in reverse alphabet order, under amystitch...

Christian saw it in the paper and suggested I took part. I really think its geared to the painterly world but hey lets see! there are some cool prizes for 10 winners/runners up. Some advice on business, 6 months marketing profile with possibility to exhibit and a years subscription to an arts magazine.

I think lots of the entries are very mundane, poorly painted portraits. But there are some exciting imaginative works in and amongst!

We are having the most amazing Spring weather...Hope you are all having a splendid start of March!