sketches , tigers and a busy tooth fairy!

 This is a sketch I made of Nyhavn in Copenhagen, as I was stuck with what to draw. I don't think it gave me any ideas but its sometimes just good to try something different. Plus I'm going over to Copenhagen soon to do a screen printing course with the talented Karen Lewis, I'm so excited to be amongst other creatives!

This next sketch is possibly an idea for my next free machine embroidery! Yawning cats are so funny, I can make sofus yawn by yawning, then I can take photos of him, he's so easy!!

Here is Minna with her fourth tooth out in 2 months! Crazy, she said right after, mum I have another wobbly tooth....she is NOT allowed to wobble it!

Lastly the girls as tigers, which is what Viola would like to be when she's bigger, as well as a super hero!

Have a fun Monday!

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  1. How cute are your girls and how funny the picture of the yawning cat with Minna with open mouth right under it! I hope you have stitched that cat! Very amusing! :)