Minna walks at last!

To celebrate the fact that Minna has started walking I made an embroidery of her walking her pull along brio hound! She is so very happy with herself and I wonder sometimes what took her so long (She is 19 months!) But hey she's a cautious lass... I have now overcome my block of using the laptop for blogging, (any excuse) truth is I'm a lazy lump and have only made embroideries for presents and not found time to pursue my dwindling enthusiasm for the sewing machine... Who would have thought that Minna finding her legs could ignite the necessary drive.
Will ensure it lasts, and put my book down more often.


  1. Ah Amy, this artwork is gorgeous! so special, how lovely to mark Minna's mile stone with an embroidery! wonderful! keep that flame ignited! and thanks for your lovely supportive commentsxxx

  2. Aw that's so sweet Amy. Such a celebration. Hope you are ok. Lots of love to you all.xxx