hares on chairs...!

so the idea is using Danish designer chairs with hares on them....and hand embroidering a pattern on the chair, I've also started some chairs which are applique, some furnishing fabrics or whatever I find suitable, I'm not sure they work as well as these ones however... What do you think??


  1. Amy, I love your blog. I came from a search for Christmas table decorations. I'm also an expat - British and living in Thailand and my father in law is Danish! Two coincidences. Three: although I have a degree in sculpture, textiles are a bit fave of mine.

    Lovely images. I'll be back again soon.


  2. They are cute - I like them all!! See you, Kirsten

  3. Hi Amy, your card looks so nice framed and together with my other stuff, I love it! I have even linked to your blog now, didn´t have the time last night as I always need to concentrate to get it right, lol.

    Did you have a nice New Years Eve? Speak soon,
    xxx Kirsten

  4. these are great ... love your blog too!