flea market find..

Here is a doll house I bought in Femmøller flea market the other day, I bumped into Kirsten who said I might as well buy this as I wouldn't be able to get materials as cheap...just what Christian said too..! It cost 50 kroner about £5.

I have had a doll house project in my head for years I orginally wanted to buy a cupboard to convert to a house but then couldn't find the right one. Then decided to make it from scratch, also bit hard but could be fun.. anyway going to renovate this, story of my life, make trash to treasure...

I would like to get various people to contribute a little made item to put in the house so it's meaningful for Minna when she's older. I fear that I will get more pleasure from this than she will, she may be a tom boy and hate dolls...!!?!

Glad the toilet seat is down....

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