bird seed update

here is an update of my embroidery. It is going quite slowly as I am also writing some stuff in my spare time and we have my parents visiting which is fantastic and I don't want to miss time spent with them!!

so now I have to think of a border and do some more hand embroidery then I will start my squirrel embroidery!


  1. Oh Amy it's exquisite. Beautiful bird! x
    Say hi to your Mum and dad from me.xxx

  2. So'h lovely! Hope you're all having a funny sunny time in DK xx

  3. It´s so pretty, well done! Gorgeous colour scheme.

    See you ;-)

  4. I adore your original and wonderful embroidery! What talents you have...

    If you would like to drop by my blog I would love to have you join in my give away.
    emily xo