dog in a tea cup!!

I am presently making an embroidery for my sister and her hubby. It's one which I have long promised to make. I wanted it to reflect all the aspects of their life together. It all seemed so overwhelming so I have just put it off for perhaps the last 4 years...they travel everywhere and have many interests. But after the last Selvedge magazine and reading about Arthur Bispo do Rosario I got all inspired. So I started with this dog in a cup which is the sort of thing which can bring a tear to my sisters eye on a vulnerable day. Then I continued with individual pictures which I will put together in the end joining with braids, ribbons and the like. Not buttons as Charlie has a phobia of them.
I aim to complete this in the next 3 weeks so I can take it to the UK and give it in person!

I was planning on it all being hand embroidered but due to time limitation I dug out the sewing machine...!

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  1. gorgeous!! love all your embroideries and the fab scarf that arrived at my door!! a little something coming back at yer as a big thanks for thinking of me xxx