today's lion

I embroidered this lion today, using some 70's fabric I have. The top is way too big hence the rolled up sleeves but I thought she should model it, makes a better photo than folded up.

I also made a clothkits dress for her, I did it to age 2. I loved my clothkits clothes as a child and remember them not only being fun designs, comfortable and I could match my older brother and sis but in different colours . Anyway after having sent the first kit back I realised today that the lining I had was too small... ho hum perhaps Minna will have to make do with one dress. I have the pattern so I will make my own designs....


  1. Wow! She is really growing. Love the lion sweater, really cute xx

  2. Gorgeous. I wore Clothkits too!x

  3. I remember Clothkits, I think I had a pair of flared dungarees at one point...
    Nice lion:)