nature nerding

here is a picture of my studio space, this is where I sit at the sewing machine and look out over our pond in the garden. It's lovely and most inspiring. I got really excited this morning, as I was looking out of the window at a jay hopping around I got the binoculars out(i know bird spotter) but then I saw a woodpecker on the tree in front of the house, had to phone Christian straight away, we're both nature nerds! and last night as Christian came home from work he stopped down our drive and rang me, we had 6 roe deer in our garden, 2 had hopped up in our veggie high bed, cheeky beetroot nibblers!

thanks for your comments about my pencil case!


  1. Hi Amy, just let me know the new websites´ URL and I´ll change it ;-)

    I finally found the time to blog yesterday evening...and I´m so happy I finally managed to get around to it!!!

    By the way, love your pencil cases, too!

    See you maybe tomorrow, Kirsten

  2. Hey I've been there!

    nice to see your lovely studio again.

    Woodpecker pencil case next then???